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Society of Sharing: Inner-City Volunteers

c/o Monsignor Fraser College Isabella North Campus,

25 Linden Street, Room 208

M4Y 1V5 Toronto, Canada

Telephone: 416-413-0380

Fax: 416-413-4814

E-mail: info@societyofsharing.org

Charitable # 10799 0699 RR0001

Toronto Community Care Access Centre

Toronto Central CCAC helps people find their way through Ontario’s health care system, understand their options and connect them to quality community-based health care and resources. They work with people of all ages to ensure they make informed choices about their care and receive services in the most appropriate setting.

Toronto Central CCAC can provide information and access to qualified care providers, and link clients to the many services that are available in their community. Their staff will seek to understand the client’s personal situation, support them through the entire care journey and help them make informed decisions. They will work with the client to develop a plan of care, and arrange for the delivery of services that are right for the client.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto

An independent congregation, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto are linked to other Canadian Congregations of Sisters of St. Joseph through a federation. They continue to help people in many ways, nurturing community with the neighbour, especially with people who are homeless, alienated and poor and also with women at risk. They continue to maintain their long tradition of meeting unmet needs with life-giving ministries.

Toronto Community Housing

Toronto Community Housing is the largest social housing provider in Canada and the second largest in North America. It is home to about 164,000 low and moderate-income tenants in 58,500 households, including seniors, families, singles, refugees, recent immigrants to Canada and people with special needs. Their tenants come from diverse backgrounds. This diversity includes age, education, language, sexual orientation, mental and physical disability, religion, ethnicity and race as well as increasing diversity in lifestyles and values. Their portfolio includes more than 2,215 buildings including high, mid, and low-rise apartments, townhouses and houses.

Sunshine Centre for Seniors

Sunshine Centres for Seniors has been working with seniors at risk for isolation and low-income seniors since 1970, following an initiative of the interdenominational Urban Church Board, City of Toronto Parks and Recreation Department, and the Social Planning Council to develop strategies to meet the needs of seniors with fewer family, supports, low incomes, and greater levels of disability. Sunshine Centres for Seniors seeks out isolated and frail seniors who are at risk for depression and need to be connected to a supportive community. Through the contacts and friendships seniors develop at Camp Sunshine, they form meaningful relationships which will enhance their quality of life and allow them to contribute to others.

LOFT Community Services

LOFT Community Services meet many individuals whose spirit and dignity have disappeared under the weight of abandonment, abuse, homelessness, addiction, and mental illness. It is their mission to provide permanent housing and community support services for the most vulnerable, including those with mental health, physical and addiction challenges, the homeless, the abused and the abandoned.  Their services provide recovery and independence and respond to the changing needs of the diverse community.

University of St. Michael College- Cornerstone Program

The Cornerstone program is designed for first year students who want to integrate the pursuit of social justice into their university experience through collective and individual reflective learning. The program will allow students to reflect on major questions of meaning and value in the intersecting contexts of academic study, socially engaged experience and personal growth. It will also allow students to implement service-learning projects in one of four different areas that best meets their personal and academic interests: Life and Health, Environment and the Earth, Politics and Society, or Thought and Culture.

St. Justin Martyr Parish

St. Clare Parish